Sunday, 18 October 2009

new found fascination

the-boy-that-i-love and i fixed the treehouse today and i was inspired. we clipped the net back up to the branches so we could lay there under the trees and get blinded by the flickers of sunshine that shone through the leaves.
the leaves were still green on the trees, slowly turning gold and brown to fall on the ground. there was a dark shadow where the leaves overlapped one another.
the boy and i have a tree in the woods, up the hill and a little to the right. its a big tree trunk that has fallen down parallel to the ground. you can wrap yourself around the never-ending tree trunk and your body won't touch.
i want to take photographs of the net hammock under the trees. i want to take photographs of the overlapping leaves. i want to take photographs of a body wrapped around the tree trunk.

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