Thursday, 15 October 2009

start as you mean to go on

hello autum.
people's hair colour seems to change to blend in with the falling leaves. this season we get to go out in sparkles, cosy up in chunky knits, shuffle about in thigh-high's and pad out our shoulders -oooh. i promised myself that i wouldn't delve into thigh-high boots, but i couldn't stop myself when Primark came out with an alright pair of 15quid suede badboys. to put it simply: i wanted black but picked up the blue because the black ran out. didn't want the blue but bought them anyway. held onto them and moreorless took them everywhere with me incase i happened to pass a Primark and i could pop in and get them swapped for a black pair. after a week, there was no hope. so i got over it and put on the blue ones in the middle of the street. as soon as i scuffed the bottoms and threw away the reciept, i realised that i didn't particulary want these boots, i didn't need them but fashion-god told me that i needed them. amen.

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