Tuesday, 10 November 2009

SHOW:studio Fashion Revolution

The most recent exhibition featuring at Somerset House. If your into edgy fashion and feel like watching a live Vouge cover shoot, creating your own model casting video and viewing artists work you never knew existed, I suggest you go. I saw the likes of Lady Gaga in the Vouge cover shoot, there wasn't a huge fuss- most probably because it was hardly obvious it was her. The lighting was dim but fortunately I was close enough to get a peek at the outfit...and the nose. The Vouge shoot looked beautiful and the exhibition was unique. Upon entering the exhibition, a 12-foot something interactive sculpture of Niaomi Campbell seemed a bit overwhelming. The atmosphere lightens up when you realise you can write your name on her body and draw whatever you want on the interactive pad which is projected onto her body.
Nick Knight, the creator of SHOW:studio, has proved to just about everyone how much he has excelled in his creations and ideas. Inspiration is available.

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