Tuesday, 1 December 2009


i knew in advance that my mother had bought tickets to go and see Oliver the musical in the theatre down Drury Lane for her birthday. i was quite sceptical about it, i had never really watched the film the whole way through but i gathered that it was about an orphan boy who pickpocketed, the london robin-hood. however, it was a delight watching the show. all those kids running around in their dirty rags made me want to join in too. i offically now know all the words to 'considerrr yourselffff' and 'you gotta pick a pocket or twoooo'. AND i didn't fall asleep, i was just about to when my sister nudged me to look at this woman's boobs. honestly the biggest basookas i've ever seen in my life. jolly good show.
the kid in the photo played Artful Dodger and he has a kinda cool velevet hat. i do like velvet. i'm going to do a post especially for velvet.

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