Sunday, 26 September 2010

Grace Kelly Exhibition at the V&A Museum, London

When Grace Kelly tragically died her passim was mourned by not only royalty but the fashion world and Hollywood. Whilst she was alive she was the epitome of grace and style with an identified look that was both effortlessly glamorous and timeless.

The V&A’s recent exhibition conveyed her life and fashions perfectly. The exhibition was displayed throughout 4 displays of clothing: Actress, Bride, Princess and Enduring Icon. Walking through the exhibition, whether you are an admirer, a learner or just curious, you will be amazed by how the garments worn by Grace Kelly are capsules of not only her life, but the evolution of her style from being a small town actress to royalty. Starting off her career as a model, Grace Kelly hit Hollywood as a youthful, intelligent actress whose ability to carry costume from her modelling career made her all the more renowned. Her look was promoted as the ‘Grace Kelly look’ amongst retailers and admirers. Her fidelity to specific designers, especially Christian Dior also added to her identified image. As an actress her role on screen as a make believe princess was made a reality when she married the Prince of Monaco and thus became a Princess. Her wardrobe was then adapted to her travels to and from Monaco which saw her style at its peak with many classic cut, tailored and feminine items of clothing.

The exhibition really expresses how influential Grace Kelly really was to her era. Any visitor will be able delve into the times of Grace Kelly and how she changed the face of fashion and ultimately became the icon she still is today.

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