Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I think only a photographer will understand

I've been at university for about a month and I should of written about university more because starting uni is only ever going to happen once and one day, I'm going to want to know what the hell happened. Anyway, it had been a while since I had something to focus on, apart from moving in and whether or not I had enough hangers for all my clothes, and so I decided that on one of my adventures back home I was to take some photographs of my favorite subject, Daniel. Despite the fact that I'm in love with him the boy photographs well. He keeps still when he's told to and climbs trees and all sorts of weird stuff when taking part in my projects. The best kind of projects being the ones that start from home, and home being where the heart is I had the urge to take photographs of Dan. The urge to create and the urge to have the feeling of accomplishment.
The photos are peculiar, but after seeing Sally Mann's exhibition recently at The Photographer's Gallery it really opened my eyes to how photography is ultimately personal preference. There isn't any rules. Sure, you can go and learn about this lighting and that soft box that costs a billion pounds, I like my photography to be me, subject and camera. Nothing else because that's the way I prefer it. To me its beautiful.

Sally Mann's Photography

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