Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My Wardrobe

I have had fitted wardrobes all my life. The best thing being about them is that you needn't worry about them toppling over, being too full or too small as there is always another cupboard somewhere along the wall in the jigsaw of fitted wardrobes that can also be full with a different category of clothes. When shifting through my clothes their age becomes apparent, think wooly jumpers that remind you of Grandad, pleated mid-length floral skirts, swing dresses, a 80's Levis denim jacket, a fur coat and those leotards your Mother used to wear sneaking out of the house to go dancing- when she had a life before she met your Father. All of it screams 'Vintage'.

I see my clothing choices as more of a lifestyle, from the purchasing process being more of an adventure and knowing the garment is one of a kind- nobody else has it but you. You know when the garment is special as when your Mother is doing the wash and your new purchase is next to be put in the washing machine you hear the loud 'tut' of disapproval and the 'Lauraaaaaa what's this?' which is soon to follow. I'm not talking 'retro' the new clothes that are made to look vintage and 30 years old- I'm talking clothes that even have that old smell. The smell that sometimes triggers the question 'who died in this?'.

With charity shops being the goldmines of vintage clothing and many unique vintage shops

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