Saturday, 1 January 2011

Being in the New Forest at sundown and watching the horses grazing on the horizon.
Visiting Nannie and Grandad and the bambi deer getting stuck in the gate.
Singing Rhianna at the top of my lungs in the middle of the dancefloor.
Kissing somebody else.
Climbing the hillside in Ireland in my wellies and sitting on the ridge overlooking the world.
Walking with a bad back just to take a photograph of the windmill in the snow.
Falling asleep together in the bath.
Finding ladybirds in my clothes.
Listening to you play guitar as if the whole world is listening.
Watching the fireworks fly up into the sky from down in the valley.
Being given a poptart to make me feel better.
Grandad sending me a Meerkat calendar.
Swimming in the Indian Ocean at 5:30am.
Snorkelling over the coral reef.
Sitting on the beach with a fire and hot chocolate and seeing a shooting star.
Hiding underwater until the rain stopped.
Having a fight dressed as a Vampire.
Recieving homemade cards with 'I Love You's stuck on with sellotape.
Being given a compass in the rain.
Having purple hair.
Swimming as a mermaid.
Falling asleep on my Mum's lap.

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