Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Today is Tuesday

When I think of Tuesday's I think cheap drinks. I don't know why, but Tuesday is student night and there is a lot of £1.50 vodkas to be had, whether that will actually happen tonight I'm not too sure but I need to escape for a bit I think so I'm going to try my best to hoard a crowd together.

I spent the weekend at home and had a lovely time. I went to the physiotherapist about my back and she gave me some stretches and said that whatever it was that was bothering me I need to just cry and let it all out. It got me thinking and recently I've been so pressured to be okay about everything and just get on with it that I haven't allowed myself to be upset or cry. The time will come though I'm sure.

Saturday was a busy day, it was my Nannie's birthday party. I love my Nannie, she is such an amazing and inspiring woman. I then skipped out a tiny bit early to see Sarah, Jake, Reece, and Ryan for a while. Sarah is a really good friend who is still figuring out what she should be doing, so is Jake. Ryan is my exex who I still can't quite work out and Reece is just. Reece. I then went with the family to see Jason Manford, that funny guy out of 8 out of 10 cats. He was quite funny but I was bursting for a wee most of the time and couldn't laugh in fear of pissing myself.

After the show finished I caught up with old friends and new friends at The Black Sheep. I find myself going out just to dance instead of drink, I can dance all night. Then we got in thee biggest truck of a taxi back to Jim's house where everyone was there but I wasn't really in the mood to be fun anymore, I just wanted to curl up and have a cuddle. Which is what we ended up going back to Sarah's house to do. I was cuddling a friend that I had to remind myself was only a friend.
After no sleep, I went home and then came to my Southampton home.

I didn't take any photos this weekend.

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