Sunday, 27 February 2011


Friday I went to Bournemouth with Lucy to do a test shoot for my magazine design project.

I planned the shoot out to be quite authentic to my vintage theme, I got a few good shots which I was happy with.

We had fish and chips and giggled the whole day, it was nice to go out exploring.

We got kicked off one train and had to hide from the ticket inspector on the other which was when we decided to go out dancing that evening.

We were on a man hunt and spied a fit boy on the bus when we were talking about where we going that evening, which we then bumped into at the club and he said that he had followed us to the club that night after hearing us chatting about it on the bus. weird.

My buddy Rachael is having a bit of fella trouble so she came along. We went out like rockstars and partied until 8am.

I spent Saturday curled up in bed because there was nothing better to do apart from be tired. I ventured out my room to see all the mess that we'd made in the flat, wasn't pretty I say.

Today I went into town and got myself a job interview and a bangtidy new top and some leaving presents for Lucy. I still feel tired but I'm going to Paris on Thursday which is alright.

Here are some photos from our misadventures in Bournemouth. Even this blog post is tired.

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