Monday, 21 February 2011


I've got a new barnet and it is the colour of sunshine.

I spent some time at home this week and caught up with a few friends and foes. As I gained a few friends I also lost one, one that was rather important. It has made me realise that I live in a different world now, a world that rarely touches the old one. I've got into a habit of loving people and leaving.

I've been partying a lot, having a good good time, and keeping myself busy with countless lists of things to do and things to be done. I keep pondering over my outfits that will accompany me to Paris and what I want to achieve once I'm there. I hope three days is enough. I'm going to capture the whole thing on film, Paris on film. I'm so excited and I think it will get me back into the swing of my creative things.

At the moment I don't seem to be able to switch off. There is constantly something going on and something to think about. Although this is the usual for me and I like to keep busy, I'd just like some time to switch off, time to get away but never to hide.

This will do for now.

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