Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Passion

I once had a photography exam project on 'passions and obsessions'.
I recreated Alice in Wonderland to resemble how make-believe worlds are created from a passionate imagination.

I then continued to work on obsession. I wanted to present how people can become so obsessed with their bodies. I captured this by photographing stomachs. The stomach being in the centre of a body and usually the most criticized part. This way I could also conceal the person's identity and it was only them that could see their body photographed and I hoped that any insecurities where then dismissed at how beautiful they looked.

After photographing both 'passion' and 'obsession' as separate subjects, I wanted to bring them together. I photographed a body with my recreated Wonderland projected on to it. This combined my initial ideas of passion and obsession. I felt that all my outcomes were tied together.

However, looking back at this project, I didn't photography MY passions or obsessions. Now I've been assigned this blog post on what my passion is. Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll passes my mind. If you asked me to write this post a year ago that would have been a shadow of my answer, an answer that would have been more of a way of life rather than a passion. Love is also on the table, but the particular thing in mind is not part of my life anymore. Fashion would just be predictable, I'm on a fashion course with 100 girls and the likely hood of one of them writing a blog post on 'fashion is my passion' is, you've guessed it, very high.

So Laura, what is your passion?
Photography is my passion.
Is that your final answer?
Yeah, I guess so.

More precisley, my passion has always been to create things. Whether it be making everything possible out of newspaper and pva glue off Art Attack from a young age, making people happy, creating drama, love, mischief, noise or art.

The new digital era means that the majority of photographs get stored in pixels on your laptop. This hurts me. However, getting the 40,000 photos your laptop stores will probably set you back a months food shop. There is nothing better than having photo albums. Moments presented and stored in a way that creates a moment in itself- when you can sit down and relive every single photograph without staring at a screen.

Photographs do create moments, not only creating them but being in them. Each of them meaning something different to each and every person who views them or is a part of them. A photograph can be the insight to someones life, or at least, a part of it that was important enough to capture and make timeless. Each photograph being a memory.

I hope the traditional values of photographs do not disappear in the new generation of technology, memory and vision. Most of all, I hope we get photographs that move like in Harry Potter, because they are magic.

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