Sunday, 20 March 2011

Kate Moss at Paris Fashion Week

So, it is one of those made up days where someone somewhere decided it should be 'No Smoking Day'. 'No Smoking Day' was first established in 1984, it is the first I've heard of it which makes me part of the 30% of the country who also don't have a clue. Throughout its 25 years of being an established charity it aims to help people quit smoking- amongst the millions of other things on the market today.

Although the idea is good, this day probably hasn't stopped the majority of the 13 million smokers in the U.K alone; however, it defiantly didn't stop Kate Moss who put two fingers up at everyone who said 'you can't'.

Kate Moss strutted her junk down the catwalk for Louis Vuitton in Paris this week, fag in hand and blowing clouds of theatrical smoke along the way.

The tabloids, websites and news have featured this monumental fashion moment but mostly, it is sad to say, the issue has been responded to negatively, mostly through Twitter.

As her first catwalk comeback within the last 3 years, Kate Moss stood out- as she has done her whole career. She embraced this and did the unexpected.

Fashion is not only about beautiful girls, but the character these girls are- especially if they are a little bit bad. Kate Moss knew what she was doing when she lit that cigarette, she has been in the public eye most of her life, and she made her mark on that catwalk and got the attention that she deserves, attention that she wanted.

As the Croydon Clothes Horse, she has not just stood there whilst people have dressed her. She has lived her career to its full potential and has not remained anonymous, but as a fashion character.

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