Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I visited Paris over the weekend and it was honestly one of the highlights of my life so far. Here are my misadventures through Paris.

The journey was long and sleepy. The sun was shining whilst my mind was elsewhere.

The first evening we took the Metro to Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. I stood there for a moment to absorb the fact I was stood in front of the Eiffel Tower, it took my breath away. The evening was quickly taken away from me after the long journey and after a hot chocolate in my fur coat, I fell asleep in the comfy hotel bed.

The next morning I got up early to have a shower and get dressed to try and look suitable for breakfast. The clothes i packed were something of a statement. One of my favorite things is putting on an item of clothing that has a story and makes everyone stop and stare. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and bacon with croissants followed by a wander round in the nearby streets to buy a french vogue and cigarettes.

A bus tour was organised around the sunny city and I was dropped off at the Fashion and Textile Museum which I really took the time to appreciate. Everyone else seemed to just flit about but there were some exquisite pieces on display straight from the catwalk.

We then went straight to Starbucks for the morning grande latte. There were six of us that formed the group that would accompany me around Paris for the weekend. I was surprised to notice how many of the group didn’t entirely know how to read a map, use the Metro and have such a lack of street sense. Even so, we decided where we wanted to go and spend the rest of the day in the Paris sunshine.

We took the Metro to Saint Paul, which was were all the vintage shops were, I managed to sniff out a few and picked up a few bits.

Lunch was settled in a nearby French Cafe where I ate a smoked duck salad and gossiped.

We then walked to Notre Dame and sat in the sunshine for a while before catching the Metro again to concorde, where the Vivienne Westwood fashion show was due to commence.

We hung around outside in the sunshine until the sun went down. Mingling in and absorbing the atmosphere. Everyone was on their toes for who they could spot next. I saw Paloma Faith and a few other people in the midst of getting snapped by the pride of paparazzi.

Our adventures had lead us into the night were we all had sore feet and felt over indulged with what Paris had to offer that day.

Early Saturday morning was spent slipping into my Liz Clairbourne vintage emerald dress and having a bit too much breakfast. Our arrival at Eiffel Tower was soon converted into a waiting time of thirty minutes to get the lift up to the second point of the tower.

The hazy Paris sun lit up the city and all its white crisp and clean buildings. Whereas London is so grey, Paris seemed to shine. The warm sun was on my back whilst I captured Paris at every angle and perspective on my camera.

Our travels continued to Sacre Coeur where we had lunch in a cafe outside a small theatre. We wandered around aimlessly in the cobbled back streets of Sacre Coeur in and out the people sat outside cafes drinking afternoon coffee and smoking cigarettes.

The sun went down as we arrived at the Musee de Louvre in the hope of seeing the Mona Lisa, the gallery was shut so we caught the Metro back home after admitting we were all too tired to carry on.

I washed Paris off my face and slept until it was time to go home.

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  1. oh laura, i'm so remotely jealous. it sounds like you had such a lovely time and i think i have those wedges... new look?! only highest shoes i can walk in aha. loveee loveeee xo