Friday, 20 May 2011

20th May 2011

I love how as soon as something happens that I can’t seem to deal with as it is way out of my maturity level it is time for me to go back to Southampton.

I’ve just had to plan a journey from Croydon to Gunnersbury in Chiswick and then to Ascot, its going to cost me at least £15 just to go to two interviews for some summer work waitressing for these events companys over London. They do fashion events, film premiers, Royal Ascot, Hampton Court and football events. It’ll be cool as soon as the pennies start rolling in and I can start tackling my summer list of things to-do. I’ll probably get to meet tons of new people which I’m looking forward to this summer. It’ll get me out of Croydon for work which I will be so grateful for.

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