Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dubstep- The Bastard Genre

Benga & Skream at Big Apple Records, Croydon

Dubstep is the sound of the city. The London born and bred genre started as a dark and experimental sound created in a London suburb’s backstreet shop and is now widely recognised that has given birth to its own exciting nocturnal culture.

Big Apple Records- the social hub located in the Croydon town sprawl was delivery room for the newly born bastard genre. Benga, DJ Hatcha, Skream and N-Type were the shop’s regulars are now the successful DJ’s witnessed playing Dubstep around the world today. The bass-driven sound has evolved since the millennium with recognised influences from all genres of music such as Drum ‘n’ Bass, Hip Hop, Reggae, House and Garage- Dubstep is endlessly promoted and more currently been projected into mainstream music and hit straight into the UK Charts.

The one-upon-a-time small Dubstep scene has escalated into a massive UK music statement. Magnetic Man- consisting of Benga, Artwork and Skream, had their first top 10 UK hit with “I Need Air” reaching number 10 and made everyone who wasn’t previously aware of the music style listen and weep. Compared to some of the Dubstep anthems created in 2005 onwards such as Skream’s “Midnight Request Line” and Benga & Coki’s “Night” it is evident that the Dubstep sound has reached a comfortable level of diversity. From mainstream to absolute bass-ridden filth, Dubstep is now a conformed culture.

After swallowing the city into its belly-full of thunder, Dubstep is heard in every club night and has a million-strong army of followers all over the world. The future is untold for this feisty genre but experiencing this new city culture first-hand wherever you are is undoubtedly worthwhile.

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