Sunday, 18 March 2012

I have been trying to take a photo of these blue tits that live in the tree at the end of my garden. When I don’t have my camera nearby they sit on the top branch of the tree outside my window and when I do have my camera to hand they skylark about in the bush and I can’t take a photo. I’m being fucked about by blue tits and this relationship has gone on for about a month now.

I also keep meaning to have soup in the cafe on the way to uni with the Jonathan Green ‘Famous Last Words’ book in the window which I think I’d quite like to read.

It has got to the stage where there is a billion things to do and I feel busy. I’m good at being busy and people ask me ‘Laura how do you do it? You do loads of stuff.’ Clearly there is the simple answer of: get up off your arse and start making the most of each day and just do whatever it is so you can say that you’ve done it and done it well. Strange how so many people don’t and won’t grasp this concept.

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