Thursday, 21 June 2012

I like things that my mother doesn’t, beetroot and soft cheese sandwiches, honey in my coffee, my teddy bear, lipstick that stains, stomping around in my creepers, dark rum and my boobs.
My mother and father have given me the name Laura Rose Nicholls. I also like that a third of me is a flower.
My hair has been a variety of colours, I feel slightly odd if my hair is a normal colour. I think it is something I will grow out of. At the moment it is the colour of candyfloss.
Wetherspoons pub is my favourite and I have a tendency to notice the little things in life that nobody else does. I notice the pair of butterflies that flutter past whilst I’m sat at the bus stop, the tree that has been struck my lightening that would make a really good photograph, the woman on the train who has taken the time out to take off her glasses and rub her eyes after a long day at work and the little boy who is recording the clouds whizzing past in the sky on his phone.
I am editor of a fashion and culture magazine I have launched on behalf of my university. I’ve called it LOLA and it is nearly finished. It is my business to create and so that is what I shall do.

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