Monday, 16 July 2012

diary of an intern

Day 1
As I begin as an intern interning for a Gay Times internship I come to the office in the rain with my ham & cheese sandwich and sat at my desk for the best part of 7 hours. I do not like sitting down at a computer for long periods of time. The computer is also slow which in turn, is making my life feel slow. On a more positive note everyone is nice and there's free coffee.

Day 2
Today I ran the length and breath of Clapham Junction. Once I arrived at my desk I wrote for the GTmusic blog. I had 2 of my articles published on the website and I discovered a Tesco’s up the road. I have also noticed how quiet the office is because nobody talks- the noisiest thing is my creepers and I clomping about. Perhaps it’s a grown up thing to not talk in offices.

Day 3
I have decided to use these next two weeks where I will lack any mobility (unless it involves a train or a wheelie office chair) in order to give up the fags and get skinny. Giving up cigarettes is so far so good, I haven’t had a fag for 4 days. The getting skinny part however…not so much. I’m blaming hormones as they make me do weird things, feel 20 stone and crave carbs. I’ve also been offered the chance to interview Charli XCX at some point next week for the magazine & I have also written 2 more posts for the GT blog. Horrah Horrah.

Day 4
I'm in a good routine which gets me doing research and pitch's. I also got creative and wrote my application for the Elle and Oh Comely magazine internships. They were both jolly good if I do say so myself.

Day 5
I took the day off in order to go to LoveBox festival for my birthday.

Day 6
Today I’m in an almighty funk and there is not much to do. I blame my eagerness.

Day 7
Today I wore my purple dandelion dress and sat in the sun at lunchtime in my new place. I spent all day watching Sigur Ros videos and got a new computer. I left three hours early so I was able to take a quicker route home. Today was a good day.

Day 8
Today I was told I was interviewing Charlie XCX on Friday. I also reviewed some videos and began a transcript of an interview with Amanda Palmer. The office got hot and it made me grumpy. I saw the same guy as yesterday walking his dog at lunchtime. He told me to be careful because his dog might steal my sandwiches.

Day 9
Today is a good pink hair day. I transcribed the Amanda Palmer interview and did not much else apart from blog and eat. I’ve realised that I’ve done a successful amount of appropriate stuff during this internship. Very well done Laura.

Day 10
The last day! At lunch I found this pub round the corner that the old lot played a gig in this one time. Today the bus drivers of the world decided to go on strike so I had to lug my weekend bag for Brighton to the tram stop which made me hot and bothersome. I thought I was going to be late for my interview that I’ve worked hard for so got even more stressed. Then I realised what a tit I was being and laughed about it. I made it in time for my interview and half way through had a coughing fit like a right wally, however it was a great success. I’ve eaten too much sandwich.

I came, I interned, I conquered.

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