Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Yesterday afternoon was spent roaming the English Countryside and sunbathing on Romney Sands. I packed my bag and in it I put: Oh Comely magazine, diary, notebook, phone, bikini, towel, a roll of film, a camera & an extra lens. Upon arriving to the beach my intentions were to make some phonecalls and arrange work & appointments- hence the diary, begin planning my final major project and advance on my article ideas- hence the notebook.

In order to do this I needed a pen, which I did not pack. It is bizarre how frustrating not having a pen can be. It had also taken me this long to realise I also didn't pack any sunglasses.

I then proceeded to occupy myself with taking photographs of the countryside when my camera battery died and so, I had to make do with my phone camera & the almighty instagram. During the evening when the best photo oppurtunities came, my phone died. Madness.

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