Wednesday, 5 September 2012

In order to stand out in a crowd, what crowd do you have to be in?

At the age of 20, I have had around plenty of years practise in dressing myself. My teenage years were ultimately spent creating myself, exploring all the possibilities in how I was to live my life and I feel pretty confident that I've got most of it covered. However, recently it has been brought to my attention about how much I, as an 'individual' really do stand out from the crowd. It got me thinking and as I still haven't come to an indefinite answer to this question, I'm hoping that it will all come together as I carry on writing- which most things usually do.

A few years back I was photographed on Brick Lane, Shoreditch for a street style blog and the photographer asked me 'how do I describe my style' I had no idea, so I answered 'undefined'. Even now when I think back and try and answer my own question of 'what is my style' I still feel more comfortable with being just simply 'undefined'. I do not want to be perceived as being something specific and in particular, because I do not feel specific and I am not particular about much in life. But alas, I find myself in many different places, with many different friends and lifestyles so what does define a crowd? The immediate people around you at only one given time? Your friends? However a crowd is defined, wherever you go, it is always going to be different and so, 'standing out' is and will never be a 24/7 affair.

I read an article the other day about a woman who was aware that she did everything differently and she would not settle until she had the life with the perfect career and house she so desired. In this article she said how in life, you are temporary. You make your mark and then it's over, you die and it is somebody else's turn. This make me think about how to make the most of being temporary, and if 'standing out', being noticed for what you do and who you are feels like the most natural thing to do, so natural that you don't even notice it, then so be it.

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