Monday, 22 October 2012

The Art of People Watching

For the year that I rent my little terraced house, I live downstairs and at the front of the house. I have my desk in the bay window that looks out on to my short and quiet road.

I somewhat pride myself in my people watching skills and my ability in making witty and very probable assumptions about the people I spot. All the while I sit at my desk everyday in order to do my homework, practice good posture, apply make-up, read the newspaper amongst other desky activities my people watching skills are constantly challenged as the passers-by always catch my eye. Thus, I have found myself sub-consciously documenting the people I see and the assumptions I make of them.

The postman is my favourite passer-by. I have been after the postman for a few weeks now in order to interview him for an idea I had for an article. But of course, Sod's Law condemns me ever spotting the postman at an appropriate time to vacate my house and say 'Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman'. Sod's Law has also made a different postman come six days a week to my door and so trying to catch the same postman is proving to be harder than actually catching one in the first place.

Another one of my favourites is the old lady who lives down the road. I first spotted her as I was passing by her house and she was mowing the lawn with a traditional roller push mower. As I am fascinated by the past I was in awe of the lady for the whole 6 seconds it took me to walk past her house. I don't really see her pass my window so much, but I appreciate her nonetheless.

The majority of the passers-by are student’s toing and froing from university in the hope to being well educated in their chosen field and become a success in the world of adulthood. There isn't much to assume of the student passer-by's as we all aren’t all much else at the moment in our lives.

My least favourite passer-by is old man beer belly. This is the name I have given him as he is an old man with a beer belly who I predict lives somewhere on my road but finds it necessary to walk up and down the road approximately one million times a day with what appears to be, no intention at all. I have not yet investigated the old man beer belly further as I find his actions quite unnerving.

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