Tuesday, 6 November 2012

One often wonders whether or not there truly is contentment in solitude, but then one begins to realise, that there aren't many people who are willing to find out.

At this moment in my life, it is a time where I, amongst many others, will be finding our own way in life, on our own two feet and most likely without the help of anybody else. To some, this may be a scary prospect, others not so much. What makes this a scary prospect is simply, the unknown and the fear of potentially being alone for a long period of time, alone with your mind and daydreams.

Last year, more often than not I would find myself having days where I had no human contact at all and I would call my Mother. I would call my Mother just so I could speak to a human being. She told me to hang up and enjoy the peace and quiet as it will never last long. I have clung on to my Mothers words and peace and quiet and we have become rather acquainted.

I may be a lone wolf but never for long. Life always interrupts the peace and quiet, but I have learnt it is what you allow to distract you from the peace and quiet that segregates the content from the fearful.

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