Thursday, 3 January 2013


For the New Year we spend and consume copious amounts that more often than not feels instantly regrettable the next day, and all to celebrate 60 seconds.

For that sodding minute, this year I saw Peace at Koko, got lost in Koko and eloped to Putney where a flooded house filled with my beautiful wide-eyed friends would keep me dancing like a sea creature until it was time for the first train back to Croydon. In conclusion, 2013 is so far so good.

The beginning of a new year brings a reminiscence of the previous year. The amount of hair colours, lovers and new pairs of shoes are more or less all on par with one another, all equally as crazy and the shoes being by far the most memorable out of the group.

A year with good shoes has also attracted good friends. The best thing that has occurred from 2012 is the amount of friends I have gained. Friends that I will hope to have for a very long time, friends that I couldn’t tell enough how much I appreciate them.

I had told myself at the beginning of 2012 to never doubt myself, not because I know best, but because many outcomes differ due to doubt. With doubt you lack confidence, and without confidence there is a delayed sense of independence. There is an uncertainty that affects how people are on their own, something that this year, in some respects, I have much preferred.

And so I have left 2012 with gaining fine shoes, a contentment with solitude, a Florida stamp in my Passport, lifelong friends, desires and knowledge. 2013 is going to be a year where I will have to work hard, it goes without saying. A big chapter in my life will come to an end and determination makes me want it to be my greatest achievement. Furthermore, I will travel, not let a good thing pass and potentially have sensible coloured hair.

I hope I can look back at this in a year’s time and feel content that I did all the things I set out to do.

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