Monday, 21 January 2013

Django Unchained

"I like the way you die, boy"

As Quentin Tarantino takes us down through South America in the 1850s, it seems that no gun is left unloaded whilst in the hands of Django and Dr King Schultz. Jamie Foxx plays the black slave Django who is purchased and made a free man by the German Dr Schultz played by Christopher Waltz and together, they become a duo of bounty hunters. Waltz’s character is instantly dictated as the joker of the duo, able to get Django and himself out of any tricky situation and seems to have an answer for everything. Whereas, Django who at first, seemed a little out of his depth once becoming in association with Dr Schultz, became the serious, admiral hero.

Tarantino’s ability to create a fascinating film and even more great scenes is unquestionable with his latest release. At times it seems that Django and his partner-in-crime Dr Schultz are rather villainous, but with the quick charm of the Doctor the pair are celebrated for being great bounty hunters. Django is encouraged by the Doctor to leave his slave past behind and embrace the opportunity to become any character he wishes. In a blue velvet suit, Django does just that.

The imagery is captivating as the pair gallop through the rolling valleys of the Deep South and the snowy winter until they reach Mississippi- and Calvin Candie (Leonardo Di Caprio) the villain. The pair are successful and frivolous when they arrive at Candyland to deceive the wealthy Candie. The troublesome pair manage to escape every situation within an inch of their lives- at which point they are quickly sussed out by Samuel L Jackson, who plays Di Caprio’s elderly right hand man, which results in an astonishing blood bath and ends with the victorious Django getting his great revenge on the villains. It appears that no man or woman that receives a fatal bullet receives it without an impressive splurge of blood that proceeds to cover every surface within a two-metre radius. Some gory moments aren’t for the faint hearted and the realism is sometimes questionable- all of which should be left to the cowboys.

The memorable scenes, adventure, violence and undermining love story make Django Unchained to be undoubtedly, a great addition to Tarantino’s collection. It is not a film that only a western-film-loving-Grandad can watch, it is a film that can be enjoyed by many. The savvy one liners and impressive cast makes Django Unchained funny, dangerous and savvy.

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